Business and Technology Education Council in IT is a level 3 (equivalent to +2) diploma that allows students to explore the realm of IT through Microsoft developed courses.

There is a vast realm of opportunities for IT in Nepal including careers in front-end development, back-end development, software engineering, and more.

Anyone who has a SEE or equivalent degree can start their course with BTEC Diploma in IT. 

After graduation, students will have the opportunity to showcase and sharpen their skills hands-on within various niche based projects through our affiliate partnerships.

Subsidiary Diploma entails a 6 months course of 360 GLH (Guided Learning Hour) where one can get the basics of IT, programming, graphic design and more. Diploma however, entails a 1 year course of a total 720 GLH with additional choices of course. Both of these courses provide a complete all around hands-on learning experience and upon completion a PEARSON Board certificate. 

Students who are interested in applying can contact us through our contact details mentioned in the website. If not, we also have an application form you can leave us your contact details through. We also have a physical location present at Gairidhara, Naxal where you can visit and get all the information as well as an academy tour. 

Kingsway Academy stands unique with our mentors and Microsoft designed courses and focus on dedicated teaching. With experts with decades of experience, you will also get hands-on experience with ongoing projects, while getting dedicated grooming sessions after the class. We also focus on the fun aspects where we organize various bonding activities and friendly sessions.

Yes, we have dedicated counselors with whom you can book your sessions and discuss the scopes, course guidance and details with. Simply reach out to us or visit our location directly.

Yes, our dedicated counselors will provide you with all the necessary details and guidance helping you choose the right and ideal path for you whether it is the 6 months or the year long course.

As of right now, we have not started our online classes yet. However, we will soon be starting our online as well as physical courses simultaneously.

Yes, for exceptional students, we hire them within our own affiliated network as soon as you graduate. See our testimonials for more details.